VW Camper Conversions

Take Your Holiday on the Road with Our VW Camper Conversions


Are you looking for a way to escape the confines of your day-to-day world? VW camper conversions by VisionTech Automotive can introduce you to the freedom of the road, even when you are on holiday. There is no need to book in at an expensive hotel or listen to your neighbours through the walls. Find a beautiful secluded spot, pop up your top, and listen to the crickets while you drift off on your cosy power-folding bed.

Elegant and Functional VW Van Conversions

There is nothing make-do about our gorgeous VW van conversions. Sleep up to four and ride in comfort with everything tucked away in the perfect spot. Add a single-burner warmer, sink, and chest fridge that all are perfectly positioned to leave room to lounge on the back bench seat. A central panel gives you control of all your van’s systems..

Comfortable, Creative, and Safe

Even the convertible rear seat that turns into a large bed roomy enough for two has been tested for safety, passed with flying colours! You get to select the colours, cabinets, and upholstery that complements your active lifestyle. We can add a compact toilet that tucks away out of sight without taking up precious floor space. Our cabinets use electro-magnets so that your pots and pans will never go flying while you are on the move.

Scroll through all the possibilities of your own VW conversion on our site then pick up the phone and schedule your complimentary consultation with VisionTech Automotive today.