Campervan For Sale UK

Campervans For Every Type of Travel


Campervans For Every Type of Travel

Are you looking to ditch the tent and travel in comfort, safety and style? Are you struggling to fit the camping stove into the back of your small car? It is time to find a campervan for sale UK that can turn a week of soggy memories into one full of light, restful nights, and warm meals. VisionTech Automotive creates custom conversion vans for your active outdoor lifestyle. Our high-spec builds feature the most exciting extras and luxurious finishes to reflect your upscale style.

Find the Campervan for Sale That’s Just Right for You

There is no need to wait for your custom van to be complete. We have the perfect campervans for sale in the UK that will suit all customers. All of our top of the range campervans feature the smart upgrades you desire including a pop-up roof so you can stand. Storage options mean that you can easily secure your pans, dishes, and teacups. Your passengers can buckle up in the rear bench seat. Hit the switch to light it up, turn on the heat, or enjoy the chill of air conditioning on steamy summer escapes.

Why Choose VisionTech Automotive?

The VisionTech Automotive team are industry experts when it comes to finding your dream campervan for sale in the UK. We know the campervan industry and each individual model like the back of our hand and can advise on or assist with your purchase. We are pleased to have helped thousands of families to pursue their passion for campervan travel and with popularity soaring, we can’t wait to help you to discover this wonderful way of exploring the country.

Whether this is your first campervan purchase or an upgrade, we’ll find you the best campervan for sale UK customers can buy. We undertake the most innovative builds and always use the latest technology and materials on the market. We understand your desire to travel in comfort and style. Our team will assist you with everything from the first steps of purchase; we’ll even give you some handy tips and tricks for getting the best out of campervan life! Call us on 01206 820033 today to arrange a free consultation.

Purchase New Or Upgrade Your Very Own VW Transporter

Campervans have never been more popular! While we fully support your desire for a complete custom conversion, we also know that some people cannot wait in order to make the most out of current holiday time. That is why you have a choice! We can help you to convert your VW Transporter to its highest potential and kit it out with every accessory you’ll ever need. If you are looking to purchase a ready converted model, then we can also offer the absolute best options currently on sale. The choices are endless!

Get in Touch With Us Today

Scroll through our site and give VisionTech Automotive a ring to schedule your personalised tour of one of our on-site vans for sale. Can’t see exactly what you are looking for? Don’t worry – our stock changes regularly and we can always help you to find the perfect campervan for sale in the UK whenever you are ready!



How can I make the most of campervan life?

The best way to make the most of campervan life is to buy a vehicle that suits your needs. Before you invest, decide if you’re planning to use your van mainly at the weekends perhaps for a trip to the beach, or if you like the idea of heading out on a long-distance road trip. This will help you narrow down the features you need to include in your bespoke campervan design.

Space will be a major consideration in your campervan layout, so decide how many sleeping bays you need and from here you’ll know how much room you have in the rest of the cab for a kitchen or bathroom facilities. Having fun is the main aim of campervan life, so once you’ve made your design choices, sit back and let VisionTech Automotive take care of the rest.

Do you offer campervan tours before purchasing?

Yes, absolutely. Although we offer bespoke campervan conversions, we also offer transformations including our Edge, Beach, Premier and 2020 Vision builds. We love to show off the innovative features of each of these models, from pop-up roofs and air conditioning to luxurious seating and chic kitchen facilities. To see one of our amazing campervan tours in person, simply get in touch on 01206820033

Are you currently selling new and used VW campervans?

VisionTech Automotive stocks a wide range of VW campervans at our Colchester base. Some customers prefer to source their own van and bring it to us to be transformed. Others prefer the convenience of choosing a VW camper from our current stock. You can check our current vehicles to see what’s available but be aware that this is regularly updated. We also have a wide network of industry connections, so if you’re looking for a specific model then please get in touch and we can try to source it for you. To discuss your plans or arrange a viewing, please contact VisionTech Automotive today on 01206 820033.