Campervan Dealer in UK

Find Your Perfect Holiday Ride at Our Campervan Dealer in UK


Are you on the hunt for a compact solution for your next camping holiday, but don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort? Check out the VW campervans for sale at VisionTech Automotive. You can start from scratch by selecting a van right off the line or consider one of our fully finished vans that is just waiting to hit the road. Come sit, lie down, push some buttons, and let your fancy take flight. Our finishes are never cheap or tacky. Luxurious, clever, and flexible will be your new mantra.

New or Used VW Campervans For Sale on Our Lot

There is no need to import your next mobile camper. We are a full-service campervan dealer in UK. We can put you in touch with some of the most reputable VW van dealers in the nation and then take your van and fit it out for fun. Since we focus entirely on the VW Transporter, all of our cabinetry, seating, and finishes are custom built for a seamless finish that works.

Explore the Great Outdoors without Waiting for a Custom Conversion

VisionTech Automotive always has a few completed vans waiting for you! Tell us how you spend your weekends or family holidays. Do you have a day trip to the beach? Instead of bunks for four, find a complete kitchen in our Beach version. The Premier features every posh finish possible. The Edge brings function and flexibility, providing a comfortable bed out of the wet wherever you may park. Of course, you can always build your van custom from the ground up.

VisionTech Automotive is here to help you make the most out of your free time with a conversion van kitted out for excitement. Give us a ring or visit our shop today.