May 10th, 2022

Why VW campers are a great investment

Buying a VW campervan means that you are investing in a classic. There are many different types of camper vans on the market and many brands have had a go a producing one at some time or other, but the VW campervan is iconic. Forever associated with long California summers, surf boards and the spirit of both adventure and freedom, the VW campervan has transcended other brands on the market to become known as the byword for sleeping transporters all over the world.

With 70 years of campervan production under their belt, Volkswagen has captured the imagination of generations of families, independent travellers and fans of the great outdoors.

The great staycation revolution

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has changed how many people are deciding to holiday. With restrictions in place for much of 2020 and 2021, those who did take a break couldn’t journey far and so they turned their attention to how they could travel.

While campervans have always been popular, the pandemic restrictions have witnessed a new revival in families and couples investing in campervans and VW van conversions so that they can take off whenever they want to and stay closer to nature.

As well as spending huge amounts of money on brand new camper vans from the showroom, adventurers are also investing in VW van conversions as an alternative to buying from new. If you choose to buy a second-hand camper van, you can still make it your own with a VW van conversion. Not only will a VW van conversion allow you to style the look and finish of your camper van, but you can also transform another van-type vehicle into the coolest camper on the planet.

The most rewarding investment

It can be tricky to reconcile yourself with spending so much on a vehicle that’s devoted to leisure and good times, but how much you use your campervan is very much up to the owner and what you choose to do with it.

Day-to-day transport

Campervans are not much longer than many family cars, including SUVs, so they can be used just as a normal car – except you’ll never run out of boot space and there’s room for plenty of passengers.

Save money on days out

A trip to the seaside shouldn’t cost the earth; after all, the sea is free. However, things can quickly add up when you include lunch, teas and coffees and cold drinks. Balancing sandwiches on your knee on a picnic blanket can be totally dispensed with when you head back to your camper van for a very civilised picnic with everything you need close to hand – including a full pot of tea!

Shake up wake up

When thinking about getting a campervan, it’s often about waking up in remote wilderness with nothing but an awesome view and a cup of coffee for company. Yet, VW van conversions can be so much more useful than that. For many of the youngest in the family, sleep doesn’t just happen at night. A campervan is the perfect place to grab a quick snooze on a busy family day out, which means that older children don’t have to take a break during nap time too. Getting together for family events can often mean cramming into relatives’ houses for a few days every year. Bringing your campervan means that everyone can get a little space at the end of the day.

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