September 1st, 2021

Where Can You Purchase VW Campervans?

Interest in becoming a campervan owner has soared throughout the pandemic as Brits have opted for a staycation style of holiday rather than venturing abroad. Campervans offer the promise of memorable road trips and days out at the beach without the pressure or expense of forking out for accommodation. They’re just as ideal for spontaneous breaks where you just pack and go, as much as for a meticulously planned scenic route across the UK too.

If you’re new to the world of campervans, then you might be wondering where you can buy a VW campervan from. Here are a few ideas.

Campervan Conversion Specialist

If you’re buying a campervan, then more than half of the fun is choosing the features that equip the vehicle. Perhaps you’re longing for an electric bed, a pop top Hi-Lo roof or just the convenience of modern kitchen facilities onboard? When you speak to our VW vans Colchester team, we can show you our stock builds which are ready to go. These are already converted to the highest specifications you’ll find in the market with modular designs and plenty of storage. Going directly to a conversion specialist is the easiest option as you have the peace of mind that you’re buying an investment that has already been designed to meet your specific requirements.

Alternatively, if you choose to buy a VW campervan from a dealer or private seller, then you can bring it to us to discuss our award-winning upgrade options.

Buying from a private seller

Private sales of campervans usually happen when a potential buyer sees a classified ad or a posting on social media or similar. Some will even consider buying a VW campervan from a friend or family member who is looking for a sale. The draw of buying your campervan privately is that the price can often seem a lot more affordable than some of the options available at a dealership. However, there are some drawbacks that all buyers must be aware of.

Firstly, remember the golden rule that if it seems too good to be true then it probably is! Vehicle scams are rife in the UK and naturally you don’t want to end up with a campervan which isn’t worth the money you’ve paid for it. Typically, the price you should pay will be determined by factors such as the van’s age, model, and general condition.

Be aware that you’ll have less consumer protection as a private buyer so be certain of the quality of the vehicle before you part with any cash. As a must, you should be able to check the service history, MOT certificate and have the opportunity to take the vehicle for a test drive beforehand. Make sure you check the condition of bodywork, the tyres and safety items such as the seatbelts. You should also check the mechanics of the roof, the electrics and the condition of any gadgets or features onboard.

Wherever you choose to purchase your VW campervan from, remember that we can transform it into the vehicle of your dreams with our bespoke upgrade options. Contact VisionTech Automotive today on 01206 820033 or email to learn more.

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