December 2nd, 2021

What is the Best VW Van for Camper Conversions?

Choosing the right vehicle for your conversion

So, you’ve decided that a camper van conversion is the next step for you – and you’re ready to commit to buying a van. But which is the best vehicle to use? Although you’ll see a variety of upgraded vehicles on the road that may have formerly been ambulances, Luton vans or even livestock carriers, VW vans have a distinct advantage when it comes to camper conversions.

What is the best VW camper to convert?

There are three main categories to consider when thinking about VW campervan conversions – VW crafters, panel vans and Kombi vans. Let’s take a look at all three:

  • VW Crafters – one of the major advantages of a crafter is its size. As a larger vehicle, this base van offers plenty of space internally, meaning that you’ll have more room to accommodate your kitchen, bathroom and living quarters onboard. In fact, your VW crafter will provide you with scope for a toilet and shower. There are a range of VW crafters available, and the larger models are higher and longer. These might not be the easiest to drive out on the road, but you can’t deny the space they provide within the camper.
  • VW Kombi vans – first up, you may have the opportunity to save some money on your conversion when you opt for a Kombi as your base vehicle. This is because some companies offering camper van conversions will provide a discount when you trade in your rear Kombi seats. As far as the vehicle itself goes, the Kombi offers sophisticated features including a tailgate, electric sliding doors and flush sliding windows that would make fine components of your conversion.
  • VW Panel vans – most of us will be familiar with the type of vehicle that couriers deliver our parcels in. The market is currently heaving with used panel vans to choose from, thanks to the popularity in home deliveries and online shopping. If you choose a panel van as your base vehicle, then this gives you the advantage of buying a vehicle with a full-service history and the fact that parts are usually easy to get hold of too. The slight downside to this vehicle is that they may come with a high mileage, but if you’re only planning to use your camper van for weekend day trips, then this might not bother you too much.


What is the best VW van to convert into?

VisionTech Automotive currently uses the VW Transporter 6.1 as the base vehicle for all our camper conversions. As a panel van, this is a spacious vehicle that is ideal for medium to large camper projects and offers plenty of room for all the mod-cons you’ve been dreaming about. To drive, this is a reliable van that is safe at high speeds and has the advantage of not requiring an extra parking space.

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