July 12th, 2021

VW Campervan Conversions: Everything You Need to Know

The space, reliability and nostalgia offered by a VW campervan means that this is the only brand that many will consider when planning a road trip. With serious cult status, VW campervans are loved by young travellers and older petrolheads alike. We can offer VW campervan conversions with bespoke details that can be customised both to your tastes and your lifestyle. Follow this guide before you embark on your campervan conversion journey. Here at Visiontech Automotive we can also help you buy new vans directly from our local VW Dealership.

Why convert your VW campervan?

If you are planning to spend weeks, or at least weekends on the road, then space is probably a consideration. By adding in a pop-top roof into your VW camper, you can benefit from additional head height and even increase the sleeping space for your passengers.

A VA conversion will also increase the performance of your vehicle and reduce fuel consumption due to being 75% lighter than other conversions. And if you are tired of hooking up to 240v outlets every time you go camping, then you will be pleased to hear that our conversions use lithium battery systems which eliminate this requirement.

Choosing your specifications

Of course, no two campervan conversions need to be exactly the same. Half of the fun involved is choosing which unique features you would like to include. From layout to flooring, there are unlimited options available in your conversion.

Our team will set up a one-to-one appointment to explore your ideas in more detail. We will take the time to understand your preferences and your lifestyle so we can design a perfect interior for your needs. To give you some ideas, you might be interested in our Beach design, which features a fully-stocked kitchen with chest fridge, hob and self-fill sink. Alternatively, if high-end luxury is more your thing, you will love our 20/20 Vision which includes GRP cabinets, electric push-button beds and a portable toilet.

How the process works

Once you have confirmed your customisation details with us, we will require a £500 deposit to get started on your conversion. This locks in your build slot and will be offset against the final cost of your campervan conversion. We will then arrange a suitable date for you to drop your van off at our Colchester base, providing transport to and from the train station for you as required. Typically, it takes us between three to six weeks to complete your project, but we will get in touch just as soon as we are ready to arrange your collection date.

Following transformation of your VW vehicle, we will train you on how to use all the new features within your converted camper. You can also expect to receive a pack detailing info on your warranty as well as FAQs.

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