July 22nd, 2022

Top tips for travelling in a campervan

Discovering the world around us in one of the vw conversions on offer gives you the chance to explore every nook and cranny you come across – and stop for a sunset glass of vino any time you like.

As well as having a sense of fun and adventure, there are a few ways that you can get the most out of life on the road…

  • Stay cool (or warm)

It will depend very much on where you’re staying and when you’re travelling, but it will pay to give careful consideration to keeping warm and staying cool. Night time temperatures can plummet even if day times are roasters. A summer’s day can also turn cold, so think about heating and air conditioning. A few warm blankets and hot water bottles can go a long way too.

  • Organisation is everything

Having the right place for everything is critical to a smooth campervan experience. Keep your most-often used items close to hand and the one-in-a-while equipment tucked out of sight and the way.

  • Safe storage

Having places to put your things is great but having good containers for food is a really good tip. Rather than work around differently-shaped boxes and packages, buy ones that fit your spaces. Then, you can decant the contents and hit the road.

  • Gentle wilderness

There may be times where you might want to go all out and sleep under the stars without another human being in sight. Sometimes, however, pitching up in a campsite with a warm shower block to hand, a well-stocked shop (maybe even a take away) and a campsite pool to wash away the day is what’s in order. It’s a great way to meet like-minded explorers and the perfect place to work out where you’re off to next.

  • Rip up a rigid plan

When you’ve got to get organised, plan what you’re packing and where you’re headed, it’s tempting to let this approach infiltrate your itinerary. However, one of the reasons that a campervan is so appealing is the notion that you can head off in any direction and follow any trail that you want to. You might want to put checkpoints in that you want to reach on a certain date and you may feel better booking in a few popular campsites, but it’s good to go with the flow and see where the road takes you.

  • ‘What was that?’

The longer that you spend in your campervan, the more you’ll come to realise its soundscape – especially at night. Sound can trick the ear into thinking that things are much closer than they actually are. Sleeping in the great outdoors, the nights are much likelier to bring unfamiliar noises. A bump on the roof is probably a fallen acorn, but it can sound very loud in the dark. Packing a pair of earplugs can help you to get used to overnighting in a campervan – and they can really help if you’re travelling with a snorer!

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