June 25th, 2021

Tips to Keep Your Campervan in the Best Condition

VW has been one of the most popular brands of campervans since the 1950s and many of these models retain excellent value so long as you are willing to maintain them. Whether you already own a camper, or have been browsing our VW vans for sale Colchester range, you will want to know some tips to keep your campervan in top condition.

Regular maintenance checks

Periodic checks of your vehicle will ensure it remains roadworthy and also meets the conditions of your insurance policy. Some of the checks you need to carry out include:
• Standard Vehicle checks – Engine Oil, Air Filter, Transmission fluid, Starter Battery.
• Leisure Batteries – Make sure you always keep your leisure batteries topped up with charge, they hate going flat. You can do this by having a solar panel fitted to your van or make sure your van is occasionally put on charge.
• Water tank – It is important to empty your water tank if you are not going to be using your van for a period of time, leaving water in the tank may cause it to go stagnant.
It is important to regularly book in for a service with a professional dealer too. By dealing with the experts, you can be assured that you are paying a great price for any parts that your VW camper needs.

Polish and paint

Think of the exterior of your campervan like a protective shield around your vehicle. Leave this shield to become dirty or damaged and it could quickly turn into a rust bucket which will devalue your VW vehicle. Cleaning and polishing your campervan on a regular basis will help to get rid of any surface debris. If you do have any chips in the paintwork, then make sure that these are repaired asap. Even a minor scratch can turn into a much larger problem if you do not deal with it.

Lighten the load

Planning an adventurous road trip? We know how tempting it can be to load your VW up to the max before you set off. You would be in good company too as 50% of VW campervan drivers admitted to overloading their vans in a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle survey. Unfortunately though, this will skyrocket your vehicle’s running costs. Most importantly though, overloading your VW campervan is a safety risk so it is best to pack light before you start the engine.

Protecting your seats

Nothing will date your VW campervan quicker than old, scruffy seats. Washable seat covers are a great investment for your vehicle to prevent the upholstery from becoming stained when you are out on the road. Pop your waterproof covers on until they are ready to go in the washing machine.
VW campervan owners are always proud to get behind the wheel of this classic conversion vehicle. Make sure yours continues to look spectacular by keeping on top of these simple maintenance checks.

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