August 2nd, 2022

The best accessories for your VW campervan

There’s nothing better than packing up your VW Campervan and hitting the open road, but you’ve got to make sure that your camper van has got everything that you might want and need before you set off. You can make sure your van is kitted out just as you like it, with a  VW campervan conversion in Essex by the professionals at VisionTech Automotive, but there’s no end to the number of finishing touches and accessories you can treat yourself to.

With your van decked out with your choice of tables and chairs, with cupboards and storage packed into every nook and cranny, you can now select the add-ons that will make your trip really special – but it’s still worth choosing these carefully as you’ll need to make sure that you can easily pack them up when you’re ready to get going.

Space is at a premium in a campervan, but you’ll still be able to fit everything you need. We’re all different, so what is critical to one person may be less important to another. Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories around!

Keep your cool

A cool bag is perfect for packing picnics and taking some cold beers to the beach. The Board Masters VW Cool Bag looks amazing – like the front of a VW campervan – and features a reflective silver interior which reflects the heat of the day away from the contents. With a capacity of 27 litres, that should take care of a fabulous picnic for family and friends.

Wheel clamp

It might seem a bit on the cautious side, but peace of mind on any trip is priceless. It may feel boring but, when you are travelling in your home-from-home, it makes sense to add that little bit of extra security. Picking up a spring-loaded wheel clamp, which lets you secure your campervan in seconds, also means that you can head off to the land of nod, safe in the knowledge that you’re not going anywhere. They can be small but powerful and pack down to a compact size.

Thermal screens

You might want to consider investing in some thermal screens for the inside of your windscreens. UK brand, Maypole, has developed thermal screens which fix to the windscreen and side windows with suction cups. On the inside, they don’t get wet from condensation or rain and so will be dry when you pack them up. With the option to swap the silver side round depending on the season, you can warm your van in winter and reflect the sun’s heat in summer. They fold down pretty well, too!

European travel kit

As you cross from country to country, driving regulations will change, so you’ll need to make sure that you have covered all bases before you leave home. When in France, you’ll need spare bulbs and a breathalyser; in Germany, you’ll need a fluorescent safety jacket and in Italy, you’ll need a reflective triangle. Most European countries require the same things but there can be differences. A European travel kit will have everything you need to hop from country to country in one easy-to-manage place.

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