December 10th, 2021

The Rules and Requirements for Campervans

Understanding the rules for VW campervans in UK

The increase in camper conversions has prompted a change from the DVLA in how to register vans as campervans and the regulations of their internal features.

If you’re considering transforming your van into a camper, then make sure you satisfy all the red tape.

How campervans are allowed to carry passengers

As recreational vehicles, camper conversions must follow certain rules with regards to their contents and how they carry passengers.

Regulation 100 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations of 1986 outlines the ways in which a motor vehicle should not cause danger, or be a threat to any person either within the vehicle or on the road.

When it comes to the maximum number of passengers allowed, this isn’t specified as part of Regulation 100, but the vehicle manufacturer will often provide this guidance. In the event you carry more passengers than are advised, then you may be in breach of these regulations.

New DVLA rules for campervan conversions

In October 2019, the rules on registering camper van conversions as motor caravans changed. First, you will need to dig out your vehicle’s V5 certificate – the DVLA will only recognise your camper as a motor caravan if it is currently one of the following: ambulance, box van, insulated van, light goods, light van, livestock carrier, Luton van, minibus, multi-purpose vehicle, panel van, specially fitted van, special mobile unit or a van with side windows.

Your van must also satisfy various internal and external feature requirements including having:

  • At least two or more windows on one side of the vehicle body (not including windows on the driver or passenger doors)
  • Extra door providing access to the living quarters of camper
  • Motor caravan graphics on both sides of the vehicle
  • Awning bar to attach a canopy
  • High top roof
  • Fixed table and seats
  • Sleeping space with fixed beds
  • Facilities for cooking and storage


What are the benefits of the DVLA rules for VW campervans?

It’s not compulsory to register your VW campervan conversion as a motorhome, so if you’re in two minds about doing so be aware of the following benefits. Lower insurance premiums are one of the main draws, with campervan premiums costing an average of 10-50% less than van insurance. You might also have a higher speed limit on dual carriageways and slightly cheaper MOT costs.

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