July 29th, 2021

Lifted or Lowered Campervans: How to choose the right one for you

When you buy a new campervan, one of the first customisation decisions to make is whether to lower or lift your vehicle. Deciding which route to take will depend on how you intend to use your camper and where you will need to park it. Follow our VW conversions guide to lifting or lowering your vehicle.

Why choose to lower your campervan?

It might seem strange to want to lower your VW camper – isn’t it ok to drive as it is? There are a number of surprising advantages to lowering or suspending your vehicle by just a few inches.
From an aesthetics point of view, many camper owners simply prefer the way their vehicle looks when it is lower down. If you have larger wheels added to your VW, then the impact is even more pronounced.
But the benefits of lowering your vehicle go beyond good looks! By lowering the centre of gravity, your van will sit lower to the ground and therefore be easier to manoeuvre on the road. Provided you are not going to pack your camper full to the brim, in which case you will need a little more ground clearance, lowering your camper can vastly improve the handling response of your ride.
Getting in and out of a lowered vehicle is much easier than one that has not been converted. If your VW is going to be used as a family camper, then your kids will appreciate the difference offered by a ride that has been lowered. On the same theme, height restrictions that you might find on a multistorey carpark, a low bridge or just your home garage can all be avoided if you lower your VW camper to a more standard height.

Why choose to lift your campervan?

Now we have explained why our customers choose to lower their campervans, why do many others go in the other direction and decide to lift theirs instead?
By lifting a campervan, you may find it to be a more comfortable ride. A lowered vehicle that is nearer to the ground can feel a little bumpy on the ground, which may not be your preference. Additionally, if you plan to go off-roading in your campervan, then it is a good idea to lift your vehicle before your trip, so you avoid any unpleasant collisions such as if you hit a pothole.
Even on the main roads, ground clearance is a major advantage of lifting your campervan as you will be less likely to hit pavements, or speed bumps when you have given your VW this treatment.

VW Conversion Specialists

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