July 6th, 2022

How to make the most out of your VW transporter conversion

Making the most of VW transporter conversions usually depends on what you want to do with your camper van when it’s ready to roll.

The outside in

It may seem like starting at the end but choosing your colour scheme can really help you to focus the mind on what else you might need from your campervan.

There are lots of practicalities to consider but, if you have an overall image of what the finished van will look and feel like, it will help you to unlock your camper van’s true potential.

Light and bright is the instant answer for so many people! Creating a campervan interior that can bounce light around and give a feeling of space is great, but is that what you really need. Think of a family day at the beach, with everyone piling back to the van to get warm, dry and fed. Light interiors may reflect the light, but they can also show up every pawprint and sandy handprint.

It’s not just travelling with family, however. Even a hardened solo traveller needs to consider the impact of spending day after day on a long adventure, where you won’t have easy access to a vacuum and your campervan is your home.

For others, though, they might want to use their campervan as a weekend car and undertake short – and clean – trips into the countryside or down to the coast, where the aim of the game is to while away an afternoon in the calm and peaceful sanctuary of the van over a cup of tea.

Choose your wood finish, your fabrics and your colour scheme to suit your use!

The lay of the land

Your choice of layout may be guided by budget and what you have in mind, but it’s important to consider what storage space you might need and how many people will usually be travelling with you. It stands to reason that more people will require more storage space, so it can be a balancing act.

Starting with the size of your van, it’s important to find a place for everything to go and everyone to sit down (and sleep!)

There are smart tricks that you can use, including fold-out sofa beds, and sitting places (especially for children) that are fixed into the van or storage.

Storage space is really important in a campervan – and the longer your trip, the more space you might need to tuck everything away. It’s not fun raking through a big bag every morning! Campervan conversions allow you to build from the bottom up and incorporate clever storage in places that you might not expect it. Seating can fill a double purpose of housing drawers, while hidden compartments make great places to tuck away valuables.

Planning is everything

The best thing to do before starting on any conversion is to sit down with pen and paper and understand what the van will be used for, when and by whom.

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