November 15th, 2021

How to Convert a Van into a Campervan

How to Turn a Van into A Camper UK Process

By upgrading a standard van and turning it into a camper, you have the freedom of living in a stylish and modern home that you can drive around and see the world with. Sounds good, right? But how do you get started on VW campervan conversions? If you’ve been searching for tips on how to convert a van to a camper, this guide will break down the VisionTech Automotive conversion process for you.

Choosing your base vehicle

We’d love to say that you can choose any type of van to convert into a camper, but the truth is that a VW Transporter T5 or T6 model will provide you with the best results and allows you to select your individual customisations. We can convert your existing van, or even have a selection of used VW vans in stock for you to choose from. But if you would prefer to purchase your own van solely for this conversion project, then make sure that your chosen vehicle has a full-service history and has passed its MOT etc.

Designing your layout

VisionTech offers a design consultation where we’ll discuss exactly how we plan to create the campervan of your dreams. Space will be a consideration and you should also have a think about your plan to use your camper, whether you will be sleeping in it or just wish to use it for daytrips.
You may wish to be inspired by some of our popular builds including the Beach, Edge and Premier models. However, we also offer a bespoke customisation service where you can be assured that we’ll go above and beyond to design exactly what you’re looking for.
Depending on the design and layout you’ve chosen, we’ll add in all the fun features including beds, a pop-top roof, kitchen and bathroom facilities as required.

Ventilation and insulation

As part of the conversion process, we’ll focus on providing adequate ventilation in your converted campervan. If your van doesn’t have windows to the rear of the vehicle, then you may wish to add some in to increase ventilation. The benefit of doing so is that you’ll enjoy increased natural light onboard and be able to view the surrounding scenery better.
Along with your windows, air vents can also improve circulation around your camper, particularly if you’re using it for cooking or showering. Without ventilation, there’s a risk that your vehicle could develop damp or rust.
An uninsulated camper can be a miserable experience, so we’ll also revamp the ceiling, floors and walls of your vehicle providing them with an additional moisture barrier so you remain comfortable within.

Contact VisionTech Automotive

It’s fair to say that a campervan conversion is a complex project that should only be handled by the experts if you’re looking for the best results and investment. Now that you’ve completed our how to convert a van into a campervan UK guide, the next step is to get in touch with VisionTech Automotive to discuss your upcoming campervan conversion project.

The conversion process typically takes 3 to 6 weeks, with the average being 4, so book in with us today to get the ball rolling. Contact us on 01206 820033 or by email at to get started on your build.

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