September 29th, 2021

How to choose the right base vehicle for your conversion

Get started on your campervan conversion project 

Are you itching to get started on a campervan conversion project? VW campervan conversions have soared in popularity during the pandemic, as staycationers have seen the multiple benefits of having a versatile vehicle for daytrips, off-road adventures and everything in-between. If you’re interested in modifying a camper, then the first step is identifying the best base vehicle for your conversion. This is a critical step that will depend on your budget and how you plan to use the vehicle. Here are some ideas.  

VW Panel vans

A panel van is the type of vehicle that you might see a courier delivering parcels from. The surge in online shopping and home deliveries means that there is an excellent stock of used panel vans to choose from, as well as parts being readily available too to accommodate their popularity. As they’re used frequently as a delivery vehicle, you might expect a second-hand panel van to have a high mileage, but hopefully a great service history too. Other benefits are that they’re spacious and the ideal choice if you’re looking for a medium to large campervan conversion project. The VW Transporter is a popular example of a panel van and is a brilliant base vehicle for your camper transformation.  

VW Kombi van

If you are looking for a van that has some more factory features such as flush sliding windows, electric sliding doors and tailgate then a Kombi may be the way forward. Also with the Kombi vans you might be able to get some extra discount when getting it converted as some converters will accept a trade in of the rear Kombi seats for some money off your conversion. 

VW Crafter

If you’re in the market for something on the bigger side then a crafter might be the base van for you. The crafter comes in plenty of different sizes which get higher and longer as you go through the range. This means you can turn this vehicle into a complete living space allowing for a toilet and shower on board. Now the Crafter may not suit everyone due to its size, however it does make an excellent campervan/motorhome. 

Next steps

Now you know a little more about choosing a base vehicle for your campervan conversion, it’s time to get started. Our current conversions are built on the VW Transporter 6.1 which is reliable, safe on the motorway and offers a space ready to be kitted out with all the modern conveniences from home. You don’t even need an extra parking space or oversized garage to accommodate your vehicle. 

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