August 2nd, 2021

How Long Does a VW Campervan Conversion Take?

VisionTech Automotive understands that our customers are eager to receive their newly converted VW campervan. There is nothing quite like receiving the keys to your upgraded vehicle and learning all about the new features offered by your converted camper. Our team are proud to be renowned as industry leading conversion specialists throughout the UK and have our process down to a tee. So how long does the VW campervan conversion process take? Read on to find out!

Typical conversion process

The actual conversion of a VW campervan takes between three to six weeks, with the average being four; however, this will depend largely on the customisations you have specified as well as demand at the time of your booking.

Prior to dropping off your van with us, we will also have held some consultations with you. The exact process is mapped out as follows:

Making contact with our team

If you are interested in learning more about a personalised VW campervan conversion, simply get in touch with us by emailing or by calling 01206 820033. Our friendly and experienced team will take some basic details from you and arrange for a face-to-face consultation where we can ask plenty of questions about how you plan to use your camper. This is a great chance for us to get to know more about you so we can make the most suitable recommendations to match your needs.

Customisation confirmation

Once you have decided that you would like to proceed with VisionTech Automotive, we will arrange a second meeting where we can discuss your choices of colours and other customisations, although these can still be altered further down the line if you have a change of heart. We offer a wide range of innovative and stylish customisations to suit any type of driver or passengers. From pop-up roofs, power-folding beds, stowaway kitchens and plenty of clever storage solutions, we are confident that we can offer the perfect converted camper to meet your needs. The challenge is narrowing down the features that are must-haves for your newly configured interior.


At this stage, we will ask you to pay a £500 deposit to secure your build date. Please note that this money will be set off against the final payment.

Dropping off your van

When you drop off your van with us at our Colchester base, we will check for signs of damage and sign off your build sheet before dropping you off at the train station if this is suitable for you. From this point, you can expect your VW campervan conversion to take between three to six weeks.

Conversion underway

During the conversion, we will keep you updated on the progress of your order by sending you regular emails and photos so you can check how your camper is coming on. Once your conversion is almost ready, we will get in touch to arrange a collection date so you can be reintroduced to your prized possession.

Contact VisionTech Automotive

To get started on your campervan conversion journey, simply get in touch with VisionTech Automotive – we are available on 01206 820033 or by emailing today.

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