HiLo Poptop

Here at Visiontech we fit HiLo Pop top Roofs. HiLo’s Sport Roof has the Highest Lift and the Lowest Profile. The roof has 1350mm extra height at the front & 520mm at the rear, for full length standing height & maximum space up top.

What is a poptop roof?

A pop top roof is the ultimate upgrade to your VW T6 camper conversion. It is an elevating roof that gives you more headroom onboard your vehicle. The extra space provided by your poptop allows you more sleeping room, or could just be used to add a panoramic canvas to stargaze through. Your roof will stay down when travelling but can be raised up when you are camping or stationary. It’s an adaptable feature that you can use as and when you need it. If you have taller adults onboard your camper, they’ll love the extra head height gained from a poptop roof.

There are a wide variety of pop top roofs available in the market, but VisionTech Automotive favours the HiLo PopTop Roof for our campervan conversions. We have been fitting pop top roofs for more than 10 years and consider the HiLo to be the best design available for our camper conversion customers.

Here at VisionTech Automotive, we use our own crash tested seat/bed system for each vehicle customisation so that it’s bespoke to each individual. This tested system will give you more headroom than other rock n’ roll bed systems. You will also benefit in room once the roof is up as it gives you the most headroom out of all the poptop roofs on the market.

If you have an existing VW campervan, we’d love to discuss a bespoke conversion project with you. A Hilo poptop roof is just one of the many upgrades and renovations we can make for your vehicle. Start by getting in touch with our friendly team here at VisionTech Automotive on 01206 820033 or email info@visiontechautomotive.co.uk. We’ll arrange a design meeting so we can discuss your poptop and conversion requirements in more detail. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll take a deposit and whisk your vehicle away for a few weeks to transform it into just the space you’ve been dreaming of.

Pod-less, OE–look roof sits just 15mm above original height with no bolts or seals on view. Maintains ample headroom for seated rear occupants + optimum mpg. Our patented design means you won’t find anything lower!

​Safety First – The first elevating roof in-vehicle crash tested to M1 insurance standard, EC Directive 76/115/ EEC compliant.

The Sport Roof fits all LWB and SWB vans with or without rear spoilers.

5 Year Warranty supplied on all hardware within roof kit.

Roofs are ribbed for added strength & with drain tubes in all 4 corners, the HiLo won’t bend or collect water up top.

Option of insulation for maximum sound proofing & ambient temperature retention.

Comes in white as standard, or any RAL coloured gel coat as an optional extra.

Park any way round – wind or rain, with an unobstruct- ed view out. Choose from fully open, clear, mesh or black-out!

Highly water repellent canvas.

Includes 2-berth elevating bed.

Accommodates all conventional roof rail systems.