Campervans mean that the world is your oyster, in terms of adventuring and exploring; however, campervans can also sometimes feel a little like an oyster with their limited space. At VisionTech, we make sure that our clients can get the headspace they need with the simple addition of a low profile elevating roof.

Why Go Low?

A low profile roof is a very smart and highly effective way to increase your campervan’s cubic meterage; it can be fitted retrospectively as an upgrade or included in the initial build.

A low-profile elevating roof can be used to give you breathing space as you move about your campervan; which can be particularly helpful for taller people. It increases the size of the sleeping area and lets the starlight fall directly into the van. We offer sleeping under the stars, but with all the comforts of a cosy and warm bed as standard!

The low profile elevating roof remains folded while travelling but can be easily raised for camping or parking.

Raising the Roof

Operating the low profile elevating roof is a simple and straightforward action that takes a matter of moments. Inside the van, it might not be hugely apparent that there is an elevating roof. The low profile elevating roof option that we prefer sits flush to the roof and is hard to tell apart from the rest of the van. Importantly, there are no bolts or unsightly seals to look at and the roof sits at only 15mm above the original height.

The roof is secured by latches, which enable the opening mechanism to be used. Opened by turning the key in the four latches, how to operate the low profile elevating roof is simply by the seamless of turning the latches to open and pushing the roof upwards.

Extra, Extra

Our elevating roofs give extra space and give the highest lift of any roof we’ve seen, with an elevation of 1350mm at the front and 520mm at the back.

In terms of height, it’s generous but it’s just as compelling in terms of health and safety. Our low profile roof is the first elevating roof that can count on in-vehicle crash testing to M1 insurance standard, EC Directive 76/115/EEC compliant, which is great for peace of mind. This is especially reassuring to know when you’re tucking yourself in to the 2-berth elevating bed that’s included.

Tailored Elevation

As with some many of our options, the low profile elevating roof offers our clients further customisation. They can choose to what degree they want to commune with nature! Our elevating roofs can be fully open, made from black out, a mesh or go completely clear. In terms of functionality, our low profile roofs are ribbed for strength and have drain tubes at each corner to ensure that water is whisked away from the roof area. Clients are also able to go for the optional extra of insulation for sound proofing and temperature retention or they might just want to listen to the world around them.